Reviews 2016

And No Spiders Were Harmed by Steve Tomasko, reviewed by Bob Moreland

The Beauty of This World by Rosemary Zurlo-Cuva, reviewed by Judy Barisonzi

The Book of Arabella by Timothy Walsh, reviewed by Mary Riley

Boy With Thorn by Ricky Laurentiis, review by Nico Ibanez

Broad Meadow Bird by Brad Vogel, reviewed by Taylor Hamann

Confidence by Seth Landman, reviewed by Ben Thorpe

Dirty Shirt by Jim Landwehr, reviewed by Davis Endries

Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes by Sarah Sadie, reviewed by John Olski

Network of Wires, Along the Shore, Bullheads, and Around the Bay by Gary C. Busha, reviewed by Caleb Beres

Prologue by Jeanie Tomasko, reviewed by Tori Grant Welhouse

Reliquary of Debt by Wendy Vardaman, reviewed by Judy Swann

Rise From the River by Kathie Giorgio, reviewed by Alex Crader

Sisters and Courtesans by Anna M. Evans, reviewed by Judy Swann

What Else Could it Be by Ravi Shankar, reviewed by Annie Zinnen

Why We Go By Twos by Linda Stern, reviewed by Frederick Kreutz

winter river flowing by T. Kilgore Splake, reviewed by Megan Kida

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