Terry Savoie

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Indian Summer

‘s one speckled woodpecker & her
idiosyncratic, maniacal head-
hammering, pick-axing on cedar

siding as she probes nooks
& crevices for tidbits to keep
flesh & feathers together,

the cold seasons closing in & far
& away signaling in her bones,
a Hecuba’s bitter lament, not

wanting to flee but fixed
on the towers of Troy
behind her, their conflagration,

this autumnal fire.


Nearly three hundred of Terry Savoie‘s poems have been published in literary journals and anthologies over the past three decades. These include Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Great River Review, Seems and The North American Review as well in forthcoming issues of Tar River Review, Hartskill Review, Spillway, Commonweal and America.




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