Poetry 2015

Dan Baker // Benton Harbor Has a History of Racial Unrest
Mary Jo Balistreri // Backpacking in North Central Wisconsin
Cathryn Cofell // Suspension Bridge
Elizabeth Cook // Folding Tablecloths; Talking About My Parents
Ethel Mortenson Davis // Rabbit
Joshua DeGrasse-Baumann // My Watch Stopped Ticking
Thomas J. Erickson // The History of the World
Jessica S. Frank // Lessons of Hindsight
Barbara Germiat // The Auction; April 5, 1968; Golden Giants
Annette L. Grunseth // Fishing
Lucas Jacob // Three Christmas Cards from the Midwest
Joan Wiese Johannes // To Write Like a Man; History Lesson
Michael Lee Johnson // If You Find No Poem
Ashton Kamburoff // Russet County
Derek Lazarski // Structures
Joshua Hjalmer Lind // To Autumn
Tom Montag // Waiting; American Kestrel
Dan Rose // Mea Culpa, August 2006
Sarah Sadie // A Few Notes from the Year
Terry Savoie // Indian Summer
David Scheler // First Fall
John Sierpinski // 11 p.m.—The Dream
Richard Swanson // Near-miss, Rural Highway
Sarah Rose Thomas // Good for the Womb
Wendy Vardaman // The Wallet Explaining
Tori Grant Welhouse // Immovable
Ed Werstein // Holden Caulfield Kills Phyllis
Kit Zak // Onslaught at the Louvre: July 22:1400 Hours
Alicia Zuberbier // Driving in Wisconsin; Clearing Wood with My Father; For my Sister

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